I have been using Xero for years! I help people move to Xero every day of the week from MYOB, paper or whatever system they are using. Why? Because it’s easy to use, it’s affordable and it’s go a whole lot of addons that help you make running your business more efficient.

I advocate that I will always help clients find the system that’s right for them and I know that QBO has many, many features worth knowing and worth talking about even in the addon or “app” marketplace without even focusing on the accounting product. However, you can’t say a car is great just because it looks pretty and it has all the extra features – cup holders, air
con and a DVD player… what’s the use of a car if it doesn’t run? Or do what a car is meant to do… it’s useless right?

I am going to run my business on Xero and QuickBooks Online – side by side and share with you everything I learn. Starting today.

– Jeri Wambeek

Read about all this and more in the “QBO Vs Xero The E-Book Part 1”.

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