Looking at selling your products to the big guys and go global?


Well then, it’s about time you learned everything there is to know about Electronic Data Interchange.

For February 2018, I will be focusing all our content on the technical, interesting and useful information – all about EDI.

If you want to understand how to get your products into Coles or Woolworths in Australia, or to any of the big guys, like Target, Kmart, Iconic, Glue… I could go on, then you need to understand how you can set up your business now to make it easy to start selling to these big-name customers.

On the WhichAddOn blog, I will be talking about how to manage EDI connections and the software you need to do it effectively, what you need to be aware of when using EDI for the first time, the costs, the opportunities and why you need to know about EDI.

But I’m telling you now, at WhichAddOn we don’t do fluffy. We get technical and we love practical.

Where can you get all this useful EDI information?

I will be posting:

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Here’s the first one:

What is EDI and how does it work.