Recently we conducted a product demonstration for a potential client that is in the business of wine importing and exporting. We were engaged to find the right solution for a wine importer/exporter. They buy and sell locally and internationally across three different channels – retail, wholesale and online. We were engaged to conduct a scope call and help find a new business system that connects with Xero, so the business can move from their current MYOB solution that was slow on the network across their many users.

The purpose of a scope call is to understand the business processes and what the business needs, so we can find the right add-on solution and confirm that Xero itself is even the right fit.

The Right Add-On Solution

We found two possible solutions for the client and in preparing the demonstration files I thought why not share how I did it.

The two solutions that we came up with were:

  • Vinsight (winery/food & beverage distribution software) with Vend (online POS system), or
  • CIN7 (online inventory management and retail solution)

In preparing the demonstration, I went through setting up suppliers, products, customers and warehouses in each one ready for the demo. If you see a link below, then you can read the article about how I did it.

  • Add a supplier in Vend
  • Add a supplier in Vinsight
  • Add a supplier in CIN7
  • Add a product with variants and composites in Vend
  • Add a product with variants and volume conversions in Vinsight
  • Add a product with variants and alternate units of measure (UOMs) in CIN7
  • Add a customer in Vend
  • Add a customer in Vinsight
  • Add a customer in CIN7
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