Fathom in 5 Minutes with David Watson

Fathom in 5 Minutes with Co-Founder David Watson

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Video Demonstration of Fathom
7 minute video

WhichAddOn.com is the leader in reviewing cloud based solutions and educating cloud accounting advisors and business users all about the addons.  We are happy to present our series on Reporting Addons, Reporting in Focus.

Fathom is one of the leading addons in this market segment and we interviewed, Fathom co-founder, David Watson.  In this video, David gives up a whirlwind tour of Fathom and how it helps businesses around the world with analysising their business

Check out how Fathom helps with:

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Goal seek analysis to generate reports on different scenarios
  • Visualising key trends over key periods
  • White label reports for advisors
  • Creating of PDF printable reports
  • Comparative reporting with easy consolidation and benchmarking

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