The US market has always been the pinnacle for any business to try to master and work in. They lead innovation, and are the early adopters in almost all technologies, in almost all areas they are the market leaders. We have had the opportunity to work on quite a few projects in the US, and it has been a great experience. We have learned a lot, especially in customer service, and how to deliver a better experience.

However, we have never made a deliberate move to work in the US, or made hard decisions to make it happen. Until now!

This was for a number of reasons, the main reason is that the US market in this instance were not early adopters of Cloud accounting and our specialized niche, cloud inventory, manufacturing, and metrics.

This is due to a number of factors, such as security and the fear of having data stolen or worse yet lost. Second, the biggest provider of accounting software to the SMB market QuickBooks was a little slow in their move online, and as such slowed the entire process. Finally, we found US accountants to be quite conservative and very focused on statutory accounting, rather accountants in Australia and the UK are focused on providing a much wider range of services, including cloud advisory services.

Most important thing!

For us, the most important thing is being able to provide the type of service and experience the US markets expects. In Australia customers and people have a slightly different expectation vs US-based clients. We found US customer service is at another level. So we spent most of last year creating a team that could cater to the US market and we tested it out in the Australian market, and it turned out to be a resounding success!

We are as always committed to continuously improving our internal processes and systems, and providing resources for clients and potential clients about the cloud inventory space. With our move to the US, we will also be providing a new product offering called WAO Connect.

WAO connect is our propriety solution that connects multiple solutions into the one reporting app, being able to pull data from your financial system, inventory, POS, CRM, e-commerce, social media and many more. So that you can see at your fingertips the information you require to make decisions in real-time.