It always feels great to hit the ‘update’ button on your applications, right? But then, have you ever realized that in most cases, there really isn’t much difference after the update?

Well, I have.

When the recent updates by DEAR reached us, we couldn’t help but sift through and conduct the update ourselves to verify its impact.

dear users: check out these mind-blowing updates

Glad to report they weren’t a disappointment.

Here are the updates.

#1. Notifications Centre

You will now be able to get a clearer view of all notifications from assorted areas such as in-app sales and e-commerce for a real-time awareness of any critical issues in your business.

#2. API Version 2

In addition to the list of available endpoints, the following have also been included:

  • Product Family
  • All reference book endpoints
  • Assembly
  • Disassembly
#3. B2B Portal

It is now possible to attach to your B2B portal your custom domain. There’s an option for B2B portal customers to order and for you to invoice from the same portal.

You can also send a notification with a download link of the invoice to a customer when the order is shipped. The same can be done to suppliers with an order download link.

And just to soup it all up, you get a notification when the customer opens and downloads the invoice.

#4. POS

Here, there’s an additional report called “Payment Summary Report”. Further, the Vanity and Tyro payment service integration has also been fulfilled and available for use.

#5. Inventory

Depending on the regions and countries that you ship to, you can now estimate shipping rates in DEAR Inventory and B2B Portal. The shipping regions can be set-up in the reference book.

Gift cards added under the document templates section can now be printed from all sales modules. Also, from now on, a notification will be sent whenever a gift card is sold.

Here are the new notifications:

  • Sales order discount for more than Y or Y%
  • Discounts issued on product price tiers—even for 0 discounts.
  • Created sales order notification
  • Recurring invoice issued notification
  • Change of shipping number notification
  • Sold gift card notification

A new target email recipient choice was also added—you can now email suppliers, sales reps, among other stakeholders.

A sales rep section has also been included in the Export to Ship Station. In the receiving note, you are now also able to view batch or serial numbers comma separated.

There’s also an undo option for sales manual journal as well as an improved onboarding experience and design.

Notable, is the new coupons feature for your customers and can be created in the Product Deals Module.

#6. Gift Cards Support, Shipping Zone, Shippit Integration, and more

“In Transit” scenarios will now be supported by the Stock Transfer function to improve its purpose. The Stock Transfer function now contains new fields ‘Stock Sent Date’, ‘In Transit Account’, and ‘Stock Received Date’.

Also, the Stock Transfer mail merge table has been improved to contain Date Sent, Date Received and In Transit Account. On the other hand, the Purchase/Sale mail merge now contains Total Orders discount, Total Quote discount, and Total Invoice discount.

The POS and B2B now support gift cards.

Special shipping zones have been introduced in the shipping zone to cater for marginalized shipping destinations.

Setting shipping rates in DEAR is now easier after the integration with Shippit and Shipstation both in the B2B and app.

Also, you can now set the minimum orders amounts in the B2B portal.

#7. Xero Enhancements, Tasks Module, Zappier Integration and more

Dear Notifications Module and Tasks Module now work together to allow you to set up a workflow process of assembly and disassembly of suppliers, purchases, sales, credit notes, and customers.

Workflows can now include rules such as Accounting and Marketing Departments to help complete certain transactions. Notifications here include ‘Task has been created; Task has been assigned, and so on.

The process of importing data from Xero or QuickBooks is now improved. If, for example, an account code changes in Xero, DEAR will automatically update it in the related transactions.

There are now improved explanations for unique cases such as errors. The explanations are elaborate to help you rectify or comprehend an issue.

You also have an option to attach an invoice and export to Xero.

Zappier integration is now available but requires you to purchase both the notification module and DEAR API.

The Unit Cost field is also available on the product availability screen but will require you to enable it from the gear drop-down.

There’s a Sync Short Description area between DEAR and Woocommerce under the catalogue listing/catalogue download.

You can now easily search for existing customers when using the ‘Ship to Different Company’ feature.

The DEAR POS tax evaluation has been enhanced to adequately cater for each customer’s tax rules.

#8. Advanced Purchase Module, Xero Enhancements, DEAR B2B Portal Enhancement and much more

In each purchase order, the new advanced purchase module now permits multiple stocks invoices receiving as well as credit notes. It also allows for multiple invoice generation, stock receipts, and credit notes in each purchase order.

The purchase screen now shows two view types—General and Accounting views for better presentation and filter options.

Users of Shippit, Shipstation, and Starshipit will now be able to create shipping labels in DEAR when at the sales shipping stage.

Each sales order header will now contain a carrier/shipping service field.

Products can now be shown in terms of quantities within a category of a bulk order screen. Also, you can choose to or not display shipping prices on the checkout page.

In addition, a green “In Stock” and a red “Out of Stock” display when you are in and out of stock respectively. If, on the other hand, stock has been ordered, an amber display for “Coming Soon” will appear.

Enhanced notifications include:

You can schedule a report to be sent to relevant staff automatically at specified periods such as weekly or monthly. A sales rep can also receive a notification for a sale he/she is in charge of.

When it comes to Xero integrations, you will now be able to automatically schedule synchronization to Xero and results will be received by specific individuals in the company. Sales and purchases can also be exported to Xero.

In addition, the improved POS price label can now be printed using a mobile device via Google Cloud Print.

Other improvements include the ability to list service type products to e-commerce integrations and additional filter labels “Outstanding Credits Only” under the customer credits.

#9. Purchase Module Enhancements, Xero Wizard, GDPR Compliance and More

This final category of updates from the DEAR team includes:

  • An addition of New Service-Only Purchase to the purchasing module
  • Partial stock-take with an option for product filtering
  • The purchasing module has been modified to include new stand-alone purchase credit note
  • The DEAR API got an upgrade to advanced purchase
  • DEAR POS now has an improved on-account and layby sales and payments
  • In a simple purchase, the Clone/Keep PO option has now been restored
  • Now appearing under the Purchase List is the Combined Purchases status field
  • You can now switch a DEAR company from one Xero to the other using the Xero Connection Wizard
  • There’s a reminder feature under the Notifications Module
  • A customer’s sensitive information is now secured with the Pseudonymise action on a customer page. This is in line with the recent GDPR.

Despite all these events not being fully logged currently, a substantial amount of updates have already been implemented. The events will continue to be tracked and filled in the coming days.

We certainly hope you found the updates useful.

In case you found all these to be a bit overwhelming, don’t panic. You can always shoot us a query and we’ll be more than pleased to offer assistance.