Communication is the key to all successful relationships, whether business or personal. Being able to have a clear understanding of what is going on at all times has become a vital part of the business.


just made communication within the application easier. With the new, in-app chat feature, DEAR users within the organization can take advantage of having real-time messaging without using a separate application.

To activate this feature, all you need to do is click on Enable Chat in the Settings > General Settings.

DEAR Inventory in software chat


You can then click the In-App Messaging icon on the DEAR header to open the Messaging window. From here, you are able to do the following:

Send a Message to Another User

If there is need to find out information regarding inventory, you can just message the other user to get the answers instead of having to email or call. This is very useful especially if the other person is in another location/warehouse as is often the case with most businesses.

Create a Chat Group

Creating a chat group makes communication between departments easier. We can add certain DEAR users to chat groups that are related to their roles and send them any news or updates needed.

Send a Group Message

Having to send the same messages to multiple people can be time-consuming. Being able to send group messages to disseminate information saves a lot of time and effort.

Add a User to an Existing Chat Group

When a new employee joins the company or someone is promoted and assumes new responsibility, it is possible to add them to existing chat groups so they can stay up to date with job-related updates.

The In-App Messaging icon on the menu shows the number of unread messages, if any, in your queue. You can read the messages on the Messaging window. The number of unread messages also appears on the browser tab.

The video below with our co-founder, Jeri Wambeek, shares exactly how this new DEAR Inventory feature works and why you might want to use it. If you have any questions about DEAR Inventory if you are an existing user, or still on the lookout for the right inventory management solution, please don’t hesitate to book in a free Discovery call with us today.