How to carry out an inventory stocktake in DEAR

We carry out a stocktake when we need to count all stock items on hand at a particular location. This can be filter based on certain categories.

1. Go to Inventory-New-Stocktake/count


2. Go to Stock take screen & fill in information regarding,

  • Location- where the stocktake is carried out
  • Expense account – which account you’re going to adjust the stock take
  • Include quantity on hand- tick on this box, so you can know what is the quantity in the system
  • Reference – example: monthly stock take

3. You can filter the stock take by stock locator, category, brand, tag,etc.

For an example, If you want to carry out stocktake only for products items where the category is mentioned as other then select it from category filter & click on + sign.

4. Click on the Start button to commence stock take. .This will lock the stock in the system & you’re unable to carry out any transactions.

5. This will show all stock items where you have a quantity on hand.

6. You have different ways of carrying out the stock take.

  1. Click on each product’s stock on hand quantity & update the stock on hand quantity you gathered during the stocktake & click on save.


b) Rather than adjusting each stock item you can bulk update the stockcount.

  • Go below & click on export all products which would bring you a csv file. You can either print this & ask your team to update it or use the csv file it self.
  • When filling up the unit cost enter the quantity you received from the physical stock count.
  • If the unit cost is not mentioned then add that as well.
  • If there is no quantity then add zero or delete the line completely.
  • After filling everything click on save.

7. Go to Zero stock on hand product at the bottom of the page & click on Import to import the file. This writes off all existing stock & replaces them with the new stock count.


8. Once finalized click on complete to finish the stocktake.

9. If you made a mistake then click on void.