API Integration

Custom API Integration

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What is a Custom API Integration?

To put it in layman’s terms, the best way to describe it is
for two or more different cloud software solutions to be
connected together.

By connecting these solutions together, we can move
data from one software solution to the other.

Custom API Integration
Custom API Integration

Can You Give me an Example of
What You are Talking About?

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Recently we built a custom connection for a client of ours who
manufactures and sells chocolate, both to the retail market and as
wholesale. In their retail shop, they use a popular point of sale solution
(POS) called Squareup.

The problem was that it did not connect to their main inventory
management software named Cin7, which we had just installed. They
asked us to build a simple connection that can push all the daily sales
into Cin7 as a sales order so they would be able to manage the daily
retail stock usage.

This was built for them and late every evening, we push the daily sales
and consolidate it into a retail sales order in Cin7.

This way Cin7’s stock is reflected correctly, and the sales and payment instructions are pushed directly from Square POS to Xero for reconciliation purposes. Since this is a major part of what this client does, it saves them a tremendous amount of time.

This was built for them and late every evening, we push the daily sales
and consolidate it into a retail sales order in Cin7.

The Process Like?

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We follow a simple process called KISS (keep it
simple and smart). Sorry, I know that’s not typical IT
terminology, despite our IT department arguing otherwise. Our process is as follows:

Step 1
We scope out your requirements in detail
(1-2+ meetings, depending on the complexity).

Step 2
Our IT team researches the API integrations to see if
we can satisfy the scope of requirements (APIs can
sometimes be a limiting factor, and this process can
take 2-5 days).

Step 3
We give you a full proposal of what can be done and
a fixed quotation for the statement of works.

Step 4
We request admin user access for both systems
from you to get test data.

Step 5
We create the API integration in our test

Step 6
We test the integration using your test data. This is
quite extensive and can take up to 14 days to ensure
that all scenarios are covered.

Step 7
We provide you with a workflow diagram of
information and training.

Step 8
We replicate the integration in the live environment
prior to the go live date (or the date that the system is turned on.)
Step 9
We test the integration in a live environment.Step 10
The system goes live.
Custom API Integration

IMPORTANT: To be safe, we give ourselves a minimum of 30 days and up to 60-90 days for very complex connections

Custom API Integration

How much does it cost?

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There is a fixed setup cost (which varies as the
connection is custom), plus a monthly fee of $100USD per month. This charge is to cover servers costs, support, and development time if API’s are changed by your main solutions.

Custom API Integration

What happens if the API is changed by our main software solution, and that breaks the custom connection?

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Unfortunately, software solutions very rarely inform
anyone that they have changed their API until the
connections stop working. Probably, you will be
the first to know. Please inform us immediately, and
we will get our team to fix the issue as quickly as
possible. This service is free of charge, as it is
covered in the monthly fee paid to us.

Custom API Integration

What if I want to change my connection and get it to do more?

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This will be subject to the same process outlined
above, and you will be provided a new quote.
However, your monthly charge will remain the same.


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Come and visit our quarters or simply send us an email
anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our
faithful clients.

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