That’s a nice
word to hear regarding your business solutions – but did you know that it could take a toll on you? Especially if like most people, you aren’t a software guru?

Well, in this article, we analyse some core aspects of integrating Amazon to Xero and QBO
Something no one seems to be sharing at the moment, and offering clear guidelines on how it works. We woudl like to take a moment to show you what it takes to have Amazon connected to QBO and Xero.

So let’s jump right into it!

Connecting Amazon to Xero and QBO

So, your business is up and running with Amazon as its sales channel – congratulations for that. But how do you account for all those sales and transactions? Well you need to connect it to some sort of accounting platform, the best choices are QBO and Xero.

If you’re thinking of integrating Amazon to your QBO or Xero application, here’ what you
I need to know in advance.

I’ll be straight with you – the process is just not as simple as hooking up your Amazon channel TO Xero or QBO and voila, you’re all integrated. Especially for those of you with hundreds of daily sales, this could be the most daunting part of your business processes.

Consider these scenarios:

You have Amazon and other sales channels as your sources of sales revenue and you need to connect it to either QuickBooks Online or Xero. In this case, you will need to include other applications to manage all the other sales channels. You’ll need to install an inventory management system such as Cin7, Unleashed or DEAR Inventory, when connecting to either of the mentioned accounting applications.

And what if you only have Amazon as your sales channel, meaning, you don’t need an
additional inventory system?

In that case, you’ll still need to bring in A2Xaccounting to be able to use either QBO or
Xero since A2X is the application that works with all the three application (Amazon, QBO and Xero).

Amazon, QBO and Xero

Amazon, QBO and Xero Connect

But wait, perhaps you imagine you have it all figured out with your custom-made website and together with Amazon, nothing else matters.

Here’s the catch in that…

If you have a website and Amazon as your sales channel, then to use either QBO or Xero as
your accounting solution, you will need to install an e-commerce application; ie something like Neto, Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce all separately.

I could honestly go on and on…

But at WhichAddOn, we’re not all about telling you all the problems your business processes may be causing you, rather, we are solution-oriented.

Now, wouldn’t it be awesome to have all these problems solved by the one team – that is, an
accounting platform, sales channel, inventory management tool, and a2x accounting all on one website?

a2x accounting all on one website

Well, that is where we come.

So, what’s the Solution?

Let’s face it.

This process could be daunting even to some industry experts – and if you think about it, it
might be prudent to let someone more experienced to do the heavy lifting for you as you concentrate on what matters most, meeting your customer needs.

We understand that you’re committed to seeing your business operate on the best platforms
that will grant you not only value but also convenience to your customers.

Below are some features of the A2X system, which simplifies your business processes.

A2X system inventory

A2X system

A2X system A2X system

We possess tons of experience in the add-ons industry. And when it comes to connecting
Amazon to Xero and QBO and adding the right applications to smoothen your sales and accounting channels, we certainly are your guys.

Feel free to drop us an inquiry today. You can book a free scope call online at with any of our Amazon and inventory management experts or call
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