What is the name of your AddOn solution?
Cockatoo™ for Vend

What is your website URL?

Please give us a brief description of your add-on and who it helps.
Cockatoo™ is great for ALL retail stores that use Vend. It helps you monitor the progress of sales in your store when you’re not there. It is great for remote stores, online stores or just easily keeping track

What industries do you serve? Tick all that apply.
Hair, Beauty, Health & Wellbeing, Clothing & Fashion, Food & Beverage, Retail, Restaurants, Cafes & Bars,

What business needs do you solve? Tick all that apply.
Business Monitoring, Point of Sale, Reporting & Analysis,

What is your core point of difference from other add-ons in your market segment?
Instant feedback on *today’s* sales. Cockatoo™ provides the most convenient way to track the progress of sales in your Vend stores as they happen. The focus is on – “what is happening today?”  Detailed analysis of previous time periods (last month, last week, etc) is provided by Vend. Cockatoo™ is all about what is happening right now!

Please provide us with your top features or selling points that your customers love.

Feature 1:
Real-time progress of sales on your iPhone

Feature 2:
Watch either a specific register or all combined

Feature 3:
Great graphs that make it simple to analyze what sales have happened today: what, when, how much

Name soon-to-be-released features that are currently on your development roadmap.

Feature 1:
Great features planned – follow us on Twitter, Facebook and @oreaapps for more details!

In 250 words or less, describe how your add-on connects with Xero. Describe what your add-on pushes through or pulls from Xero – a mini Xero integration lesson.
Great for ALL retail stores that use Xero/Vend! Cockatoo™ is an approved Vend add-on that connects securely to the Vend account.

Where are your offices located?
Australia, Asia,

Enter your best email so we know who to contact if we have any further questions.
[email protected]

Thank you! What’s your name, please?
Sean Stark

What is your role at your AddOn?

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