As an accounting professional you see and/or diagnose a problem, but might not be able to fix it. If it’s to do with online business systems, that where a good cloud integrator can help.

Can your family doctor do it all? No, he or she certainly can’t. That’s why there are specialists: cardiologists, neurologist, psychologists etc to help your family doctor where he or she can’t. If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, you can think of WhichAddOn as much the same.

Accountants and Bookkeepers refer their clients to us when they become aware one of their clients is having problems, and the firm does not have the time and/or expertise to investigate the matter further.

Example 1: a coffee wholesaler runs their inventory on spreadsheets. A key staff member is looking to leave the business, which brings forward their plan to move their systems to the cloud. They need a B2B portal, eCommerce integration, drop shipping, but not sure where to start.

Example 2: a jewellery wholesaler has implemented an online Inventory management system. They are absolutely stuck in the setup and integration. They thought they made the right choice but it has become so difficult they are considering moving back to their old system.

In both of these situations we have made real and lasting change that the client thought was not possible, and they have been very grateful to their Accountant or Bookkeeper for taking initiative and referring someone to help them get some resolution.

Here at WhichAddOn we specialise in Inventory, Retail and eCommerce. Many of our clients have become stuck, either with their current system, or in choosing a system to implement. It’s really confusing. They don’t have to do it alone.

Our process involves taking your client on over a 4 month project. We’ll hand them back to you in better shape, with better processes and better data with which you can provide your CFO services.

Our process:

  1. Scope Call and Evaluation of needs
  2. System selection
  3. Demonstration
  4. Quotation
  5. Training, data migration, testing, Go Live, ongoing support and training

If you’d like to discuss how we can help one of your clients please give us a call on 0400545447 or book a free scope call here