Once more, Cin7 has released new updates to improve its overall functionality and user experience. In their November 2018 update, the Cin7 team released the following updates:

New Dashboard Look

If you analyze the current and previous Cin7 dashboards, you’ll realize that a few things have changed. The latest update came with some new additions meant to grant users an even better view of their business operations.

The new dashboard contains a feature that allows you to have an overview of the geographical location map of your customer base, keeping you informed of where you’re selling as well as other useful stats relating to your sales.

Here’s how a section of the new dashboard looks :

Cin7 New Dashboard Look

General Settings

The next update relates to the General Setting. The General Settings icon was not available in the previous version.

To access it, click on the navigation button on the left-hand side of your screen and scroll down to the bottom.

Cin7 General settings

The General Settings
button is the last icon in the menu and when clicked, you will be able to access company settings including Setup, Branches, POS, Integrations, and more.
According to your authorization level, you can be able to alter various company settings.

You can also access the settings of your Cin7 file from the Home dashboard by clicking on your username icon at the top right-hand side of your screen as seen below:

Cin7 settings user access

A drop-down menu will appear and you can then select Settings. However, should you need to access a specific setting in your system; you can do so by clicking on the Settings button just below your username. This functionality allows you to configure the dashboard according to the specifications of each user. Also it helps to configure different features such as CRM, Products, purchase, etc

Top Navigation Bar

This is another new feature that got released this November.

Cin7 Navigation bar

With the top navigation bar, users can now add their ‘Favorites’ to be able to have quick access to the most important information in the system.

By clicking on ‘More’, you can be able to see all the Favorites that you’ve added on the top navigation menu.

The last button on the drop-down menu under ‘More’ is the icon that allows you to add other items to your menu.

The procedure for adding an item to your quick access bar is pretty simple.

Click on the ‘Add To Favourites’ icon at the very bottom of the menu. A window will then pop containing various menus as seen below: 

Cin7 More menus

As you can see, the menus contain subcategories that can be added as favorites on your top navigation bar. The addition can simply be done by clicking on the star-shaped
symbol next to each item.

Once you’ve checked the symbol, it will trigger a dashboard refresh. The selected item will be added and you can be able to view it from the list of favorites.

Budgets Feature

Cin7 has also added a ‘Budget’ functionality to its platform.

Just below your username area, select the icon with the dollar sign.

Cin7 Budget

This added feature allows users to manage budgets by Budget Type and/or Time Frames. The budgets can be categorized using sales, branch, or users. The time frames, on the other
hand, can be monthly, weekly, or daily. Your preference can be selected from the drop down menu.

Additionally, you can seamlessly Export and Import budget data using your Cin7 application. The means that data relating to budgets can be exported to your accounting application such as Xero or QBO and you can also import data to your Cin7 system.

Cin7 Budget features

User Role Functionality

With the User Role feature, you will able to manage the roles of every member of the company and assign to each one of them permission levels.

This feature can be accessed by clicking on your username at the right-hand corner of your screen.
Scroll down to the ‘User’ icon then click on it.

Cin7 user role function

You can be able to add new users and assign roles to each of them by clicking on the ‘Manage Roles’ icon at the bottom of the displayed page as seen below:

Cin7 manage roles

Next, click on the
Create Role icon.

Cin7 create roles

You can create roles such as Inventory Manager, General Manager, Solutions Architect, and more.
Click on Save and you will be directed to a window where you can be able grant access rights to the added or existing team members.

Here is how the Roles
page will appear :

Cin7 new role feature

Once you’re done, click on Save and the information will be updated in the system.

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