Who: Kaffeina Group
What: Melbourne based coffee company.

1. What was the biggest challenge you faced as a business that required a need for a system like Cin7?

We were a new business and had a blank sheet for our systems. Key elements that were important to our business were:

  1. Cloud-based – so we can be mobile and not have IT infrastructure.
  2. One system to meet all our needs – we did not want to have multiple systems. We needed an inventory control system which had manufacturing, sales and quoting modules.
  3. Integration with Xero accounting seamlessly.
  4. Extensions to our B2B and B2C customers – so we could receive a majority of our orders online seamlessly.
  5. Flexible pricing module – so we could do more than just RRP, Wholesale and Distributor.

The key for us is to have a fully integrated solution that would minimise the number of staff we have. We process over 500 customer orders a month and turn over 4 million per annum and only have one admin person. Integration of purchase orders and reporting also makes it very simple for tracking, costing and admin.

2. Has the system solved the challenges and issues you have faced prior to implementation?

Definitely, more than we ever expected. Our ease of doing business both internally and for our customers, plus the reduced staff numbers we need to employ because of CIN7, made the investment easily pay for itself.

3. Has the CIN7 system empowered you to be able to achieve something important to the business?

Yes, it certainly has.

  1. We have managed to free up a lot of time in the backend so we can spend more time with our larger customers and build stronger relationships.
  2. Our customer interaction through CIN7 paperwork that customers receive and our B2B site make us look and feel like a much larger company than we actually are. This was important when we started the business 15 months ago.

4. What future opportunities are available to you now?

Scaling up the business is easy with CIN7.  We are now turning over 4 million per year and want to double that within 2 years. CIN7 will allow us to do that and scale up seamlessly.

With CIN7 we do not expect to have to grow our staff levels to support this growth.

5. Would you recommend Cin7 to others?

100% – Yes – have done so many times already.

Original article sourced from http://www.cin7.com/customer-stories-kaffeina-group/