Checkeeper is a fantastic add-on that integrates with Xero to provide a solution for an aged process of issuing cheques and makes it all fancy and new.

I remember, going back now almost 17 years when I first started out in accounts back in the late 90’s. How almost every payment was made via cheque, and it was quite rare to make electronic payments. The process was time-consuming and depending on the size of the business, month-end payments could take almost a day processing, writing up and then mailing cheques. I’m sure some of us older readers remember those days, and not always fondly.

Fast forward to 2015 and these days the bulk of all payments are made electronically. However there are still quite a lot of businesses that do their cheque runs on a weekly/monthly basis. For those poor blighters, Checkeeper is a godsend.

So how does Checkeeper work?

It is quite straightforward really, you can either use the template provided or just scan and upload a copy of your normal cheque stock. Once you do this, you can simply map normal fields, put in your bank details and voila! you have a template ready to use for your cheque runs.

You also need to point Checkeeper to Xero and then a “Pay Xero Invoices” tab appears.

review: checkeeper, print cheques online

You can browse through which payables you wish to make payment on and make the payment, it gives you an option from which bank account you would like to make the payment and then it’s a simple click on create check and you’re done.


The starting homepage defaults to an electronic cheque registry which is the foundation of Checkeeper. The registry has a very powerful search engine that allows you to search by payee, period, amount and cheque number. This is an outstanding feature and makes life really easy when it comes to bank reconciliations and the like.

review: checkeeper, print cheques online

Checkeeper also reports by period and allows you to either download as a CSV or just print it out for your monthly records.

Final thoughts

As I mentioned earlier cheques aren’t as widely used as they used to be. However, if you do still issue cheques, you would be hard done not to use Checkeeper, considering it starts at $9.99 a month.

My only gripe with Checkeeper is that at the moment it seems to only support the US and Canada, and users down under and the UK will still have to wait. Other than that it’s a really useful add-on that can save you a ton of time, and as you know, time is money.

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