This week David Tuck, CEO of Chaser, shared with us Chaser’s recent email to their partners outlining the key points of difference between Chaser and Xero’s new release of its own invoice reminders functionality.

From David Tuck, CEO of Chaser

Firstly, thank you for your continued support of us at Chaser. We are thrilled to partner with you. We couldn’t be more excited about the value we can continue to provide both your clients and your practice.

Xero invoice reminders

This week Xero released it’s own invoice reminders functionality. Invoice reminders provide users with the basic ability to remind customers about their sales invoices. This release demonstrates the importance of consistent debtor chasing for all businesses who sell on payment terms. We hope this alerts more people to the problem we’re committed to solving here at Chaser. You can find out more information about the Xero invoice reminders and how CHASER fits into this new landscape with our blog post: Is CHASER Definitely For You? The Release of Xero’s Invoice Reminders.

We have also created a document ‘The CHASER Difference’. Download it now. This document provides a detailed comparison of what CHASER and the Xero invoice reminders do and don’t do. We hope you find this useful in responding to queries any clients using CHASER may have. And of course, should you have any further questions not covered in this document please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Where CHASER is different?

We understand CHASER won’t be right for every business. Should your client only have very basic invoice reminding needs, Xero invoice reminders may well be sufficient. For us at Chaser, the focus is on automated humanity. The minute chasers start to look and feel like automated emails they lose such a huge amount of their impact. If it doesn’t feel like a human being on the other end of the process, it is so easy to ignore.

Our multi-template, thanks for paying messages and unlimited chasing schedules, put your clients in the driver’s seat with the ability to match what they would do when chasing personally. For our partners, CHASER is a platform that provides the opportunity to deliver added value to clients. CHASER features like invoice history and escalated senders are designed with you the advisor in mind.

Where to from here

We have never been more excited about the opportunity we have to work with our partners to deliver additional value to clients with CHASER as a platform. We are working with Xero’s leading partners to delight their clients with improved cash flow and giving them time to focus on their business. If you’d like to discuss how we could do more work together to deliver similar outcomes for your clients, please do let me know. I’d absolutely love to discuss!

Thanks and happy continued chasing!

David Tuck

Co-founder & CEO

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