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DEAR Inventory for Food Manufacturing

Cootamundra Oilseeds first contacted us back in July 2017, knowing there had to a better way to manage their administrative processes with Xero, but not knowing where to start to find the right add on. They had reviewed MRPEasy, which is a great manufacturing system from Estonia that works with Xero, but didn’t know how to implement it, train the staff, connect it with Xero and eventuate a smooth transition from their existing Sage desktop-based system. That’s where we came in.

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Branding is Everything. It’s possible with DEAR and Xero.

In March 2014, Australian wholesale distribution company for The Goat Skincare range contacted us for help with their Unleashed and Xero online solution. Our client wanted to be sure they were using the systems correctly and if there were any further options to improve the look and feel of the documents produced by Unleashed – which included the sales invoices, purchase orders and other external documents.

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