The Story

It was on a trip to Fiji, on our anniversary in early January 2018. We had just gone to our favourite restaurant, and on this occasion, we decided to dine on a rather sumptuous and tempting 800g roast. It was quite delicately cooked, prior to being brought out by the chef. At our table he would make the accompanying sauce in front of us in the portable kitchenette, this was all part of the service. He then carves the roast which is exquisitely cooked, the aromas are tantalizing and our mouths water in anticipation. We dived in and you know when you eat quicker than you should, and your stomach looks like you just forced a football down it, well that’s how we looked and felt.

Case Study Just Vegan Protein

We staggered back to our room, in a food coma, and sat down to watch some televisions, as that’s about all we felt like doing. There wasn’t much on cable, so we decided to watch Netflix. After flicking through the many movies and sitcoms we decided to watch a documentary called “What the Health?” I was hoping to watch some light TV, but it turned out to be anything but that. By the end of it, we were quite close to throwing up the roast we had just consumed and ready to swear off meats and milk altogether.

Now in a past life, I was a personal trainer, and health is something that is quite important to me, what I watched on the documentary “What the health”, was confronting, and also made a lot of sense. It wasn’t all completely new information, we knew most of it, but it had never been put together in such a logical confronting manner.

So we decided to reduce our meat consumption, and have a more whole foods plant-based diet. However this brought up a rather complicated issue, how do we get our required daily protein consumption? And from what sources?

The answer to this question is the site, the site itself is in its infancy, and what we are hoping to do is spread the word about how easy it is to consume a plant-based protein, that actually is better than traditional milk and meat-based protein sources.


We decided the best e-commerce platform to use would be Shopify. The reasons being it was not complicated, it was easy to implement, it is really well supported with add-ons, templates and it is easier to find staff that are skilled at using Shopify. The alternatives were a custom built site, Magento and Woocommerce were also available.

Case Study Just Vegan Protein2

The reason we stayed away from a custom site, is the initial costs of creating such a site. Magento is also a very cumbersome and costly platform to use. It is very useful for high end and large sites, but for the simplicity of what we needed, to be honest, it overkills. Woocommerce is the cheapest of the solutions, and works well, but has limitations and speed issues which do not lend itself to what we wanted.

Behind Shopify we decided to implement Cin7 to manage all our stock, as we wanted a system that was future proof, and Cin7 ticked the boxes for us. That’s not to say Unleashed or DEAR Inventory could not handle it. They really could, and they could do so very well, as all three solutions have very strong connections to Shopify. Part of the product offerings will also include kits and we will also be selling on Amazon and eBay in the future. All of these solutions support kits and bill of materials, they also have connections to Amazon and eBay that work very well.

In the future we will also be looking to incorporate a 3PL connection this is also an area that Cin7 natively supports. However, both Unleashed and DEAR Inventory use third parties, such as databot to achieve this.

The main reason we went with Cin7, is we are planning to make our own brand of protein and sell them in the big retail outlets Coles, woolworths and Aldi. Cin7 is the only one of the three that uses its own native EDI interface, whereas both the other solutions use a third party to do this, and is not as well tested and proven as Cin7’s connection.

Final thoughts

As we continue to grow just vegan protein and add different channels we will keep you posted on how things are progressing and how well these channels are working on Cin7. We will also draw up a comparison table and tutorials on how this also works in Cin7, Unleashed and DEAR Inventory.