MYOB Account Right to DEAR + Xero

A job we just completed in September was for wholesale speciality deli and goods supplier, Harrington Small Goods in New Zealand.

Harrington was using MYOB with an Excel-based approach to running their internal production and accounting.


The issues they were having, in particular, was that MYOB didn’t allow batch, serial and expiry date tracking, which is a must in the food and beverage industry. To get around this Harrington used a complex set of spreadsheets to track batches and serials, spending a lot of man-hours in doing so.

In their production process, they also have a complex amount of finished goods that was derived from a large draw of raw materials. Harrington’s finished goods had anywhere up to 25 different ingredients and had issues of product wastage, which in the past, led to large discrepancies in stock takes.

The entire stock take process was also cumbersome, which led to complications in costings and ultimately understanding profitability.


One of the most powerful features of the DEAR Inventory System is its power to handle batch, serial and expiry dates. It is particularly useful for industries in the food and beverage industry, wholesale electronics, or for that matter, any business that runs production and has a requirement to track products, either for warranty or for statutory purposes (expiry of food).

The sort of complex ingredients and management of wastage posed by Harrington Small Goods was handled with ease in DEAR Inventory and posed no problem for the system.

One-fits-all accounting systems like MYOB are great for small businesses with straightforward business models, however, as businesses grow and look to expand, these systems don’t have the depth and robustness of fully-fledged systems like DEAR Inventory System.

Process for Implementation

The process for implementation with Harrington was a tried and tested one that tries to minimise the headaches and anxiety associated with such a large business overhaul.

We spent quite a lot of time in ascertaining the core issues and problems at the start of our process in a scope call, which is a minimum of an hour. In this time we deliberate over what the best solution for the client would be; in this case, if it was DEAR Inventory system.

It is at this stage that we sent through a detailed proposal with the timing for every stage, from setting up DEAR initially, right through to training. Key areas are highlighted throughout the process as we proceed through the integration that might require specific training.

At all times we kept all stakeholders, including external/internal accountants and key staff, aware of all updates in the system.

Once all the information from your old system is transferred into the new system, we meticulously test the system to ensure that the system is stable and the client’s workflow is achieved as required.

It is then that we go into the training phase of the process, where Jeri Murphy heads up the training. She is widely recognised as the best in the world when it comes to DEAR Inventory System and has no peer. Her expert leading is highly sought after and she has a knack for taking the complex and making it simple. This makes the next critical part of an integration headache free, as staff take to her training and as a result hit the ground running.

Finally, as an option, we provide support packs on a monthly basis in addition to the great support from DEAR itself, for those that aren’t very confident through the first few months, to give clients peace of mind through the process.

For the Future

With a system like DEAR Inventory System, you can be assured that your business can grow with you, salespeople for Harrington can check inventory on the fly for new customers and put through a sales order while visiting customers. With solutions like VEND, they can also have a point of sale that integrates directly with their inventory system, and run a retail outlet, or even sell at a trade fair.

The beauty of a system like DEAR is its flexibility and great support from the actual vendor. DEAR Inventory System has a great bunch of support staff, that is very helpful plus a great development team that is always trying to incorporate more creative solutions.

They also have other integrations like Shopify, eBay, Capsule(CRM), Bigcommerce, Amazon, Neto and main other add-ons and work with both large cloud-based accounting systems, Xero and Quickbooks. These different integrations will keep you ahead of the game as your business grows and progress for many years to come.