Five Faces is a company after WhichAddOn’s own heart. 

Five Faces’ purpose states “Whatever your communication challenges, digital has the answer. It’s the only way to gain full control, make instant updates, and tailor messages to your audience.”

If today you are commuting or shopping and see a digital message board at BUPA, David Jones or Michael Hill Jewellers, it’s likely Five Faces provided both the software and hardware. The software to program the boards to show you what you see and the hardware like the large format screens or in-store tablets. Five Faces give businesses in all kinds of industries a digital face using all manner of platforms, such as: 

  • Drive through menu boards
  • Social Media walls for conferencing
  • Video advertising walls at the airport  
  • Point of sale adverts at a restaurant
  • Digital Wayfinder mapping systems at your local shopping centre
  • In-store advertising and catalogues 

And many more configurations they are setting and installing every day, and those that have not been thought of yet.

Five Faces is an Australian-owned and operated business and they take great pride in providing industry-leading service across the country, including regional areas. 



Five Faces has grown fast. Before meeting us they were managing their business by piecing together a number of solutions and inventory management was fast becoming a huge pain point. Meanwhile, being a growing business more projects were flooding in (good problem to have). 

Five Faces were already using Xero but they knew that they needed a system to manage all their stock, in various locations. They wanted to include serial numbers on their very valuable electronic devices, such as digital screens. 

Along with multi-warehouse management and stock traceability, Five Faces also needed to start keeping track of the costs on the bundles or kits that they were selling. With Xero, they were only able to track what they were selling as a bundle and they weren’t able to track all the components in these kits and ensure they had the stock available at any time. 

And, as you would have experienced if you have used Xero inventory, only one price can be recorded for each product. You can only have one purchase price and one sell price. Five Faces needed to keep track of product prices from multiple suppliers and sell prices for different customers. 


After a quick Discovery Call with Jeri, WhichAddOn’s co-founder and Head Solutions Architect, it was identified that an inventory management system was required and in the future a project management system would be required also.

Five Faces decided to solve the inventory management problem immediately and develop a  project management pipeline plan for the future. This means they would be spending time and money on implementing things when and where they need it the most and when the business grows to a size more suited to this larger investment. 

DEAR Inventory was the solution WhichAddOn and Five Faces chose to handle the immediate and near future major pain points. DEAR Inventory connected to their existing Xero file easily, allowing Five Faces to continue to use Xero with no change. DEAR Inventory now provides them with the inventory management features they required including: 

  • FIFO costing and labour costing for kits
  • Bill of materials outlining kit/bundle components
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Ability to raise invoice without “picking” the stock when payment is required before the project starts
  • Multi-currency purchasing and sales
  • Multiple purchase prices for products in various currencies 
  • Multiple sale prices for products in various currencies
  • Batch and serial tracking for important high-value items with warranties

There are many more benefits DEAR Inventory can offer, however for the phase of business that Five Faces is in now the ease of use of DEAR and the affordability made it a winner. 


Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that as Five Faces grows, inventory management is just one piece of the bigger puzzle. Project management is the cornerstone of the business model and this is the next challenge to solve for Five Faces. When they are ready to go through this part of the process, they will need to review the project management software options and decide if they want to do a custom integration with DEAR Inventory or manage the two systems independently. 

This is an important decision an increasing number of businesses that come to us at WhichAddOn every day. If you have a business that has both inventory management and project management needs, it is important to understand the options available to you in the cloud ecosystem today. One option is to integrate these parts of the business and not operate in two separate systems. For Five Faces as a growing business, this was the best solution for them at the time which is what WhichAddOn delivered for them. Arrange a free Discovery Call to discuss your business with one of our Solution Architects and find out what’s possible today.