Author: Marlon Wambeek

Review: Unleashed Software

Unleashed software is an inventory database that is used by both small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations with massive business transactions. This inventory add-on helps not only on managing inventories but also with sales or shipments, purchasing and production segments.

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Review: simPRO Software

Simpro is a web based job management system or widely known as the software for trade service businesses. It is founded by a managing director of an electrical contracting business in 2002, Stephen Bradshaw who currently meets today’s demand for a mobile-accessible solution.

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Must Read: Criteria for Reviewing Addons

With the creation of one of the key complaints or feedback we garnered from meeting with partners was a real, non sales review of Addons. Although it would be subjective, it will be built around a criteria that provides an objective view that could be used to compare and gain deep insights into the Addon.

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