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As the cloud software industry evolves and grows at a rapid pace, there is
always going to be the need for someone to tell the real stories.


In cloud terminology, a vertical stack refers to the cloud-based solutions that can be used in a particular industry type to solve the detailed requirements required by wholesalers. In this article, the industry type I am going to examine is Wholesale Inventory. Wholesale industry is the sale of products from business to business. This can often be a very complex process.


We're now P A R T N E R S... It has been a long time coming to become a Netsuite partner, and on September 2019, that’s exactly what happened. We are now Alliance Partner in the JAPAC region. We will be specialising in our niche in wholesale/distribution, retail, import/export, e-commerce and manufacturing.


When we talk solutions there is always the “next best thing”. You may also hear of software companies coming and going or have lost their edge because they changed or stopped their focus on a particular part of the market. In the Accounting World, we aren’t overly spoiled for choice in the cloud space. We could probably list this out like bullets, if too wordy with...

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