As an accountant, bookkeeper or virtual CFO, you know these are times it gets busy. Whether you are a one man band or a growing practice, you still get the same problems.

The challenge is always: how do you keep clients happy and feeling important when it’s busy season?

How do you price your services either using value based pricing or monthly billing and make sure you are making a good profit?

How do you manage all the tasks for you or all your staff to make sure everyone in your business is being as productive as possible and nothing falls through the cracks?

Our experience in either running, working in or with professional service firms has brought us to this point, where we are running a fast growing cloud integration consulting and training business helping clients all over the world. We help businesses streamline their processes and help them move into the cloud without the headaches.

To solve our clients needs and to manage a growing business means we have to keep a lot of balls up in the air. We do this using cloud software solutions specifically chosen for our clients once we understand all their needs.

It’s time to share the solution with you – our secret weapon – that helps us manage our growing business – our staff, our clients, our tasks, our emails! And automate as much as we can along with way with a few great apps that work together to provide the solution that really helps you automate your practice and make life easier – even from today.

Now, we can’t help but give away some valuable information that you need and can practically implement today.

Click the link below to get the first of five videos right now on how to automate your practice. It’s ready to go, get started and get it now.

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