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We empower…

We empower business owners all around the world do more of what they love with the people that they love by moving their business to the cloud.

A business using cloud software saves…

A business using cloud software saves time, money and has the flexibility to run their business anytime, anywhere. The cloud enables connection.

We believe…

We believe with the right knowledge and support every business can rise to become everything they dream of – connecting staff to each other, to customers and to suppliers in the cloud. The cloud enables connection.

WhichAddOn is a Business for Good.

At WhichAddOn we believe our business has the power to change the lives. Every day we focus on positively impacting our clients lives and that in turn enriches and improves our life and our family. However, we believe that we also have the ability to change the world.

Every month, we give 20% of our profit to different causes in need around the world. We believe one person – in our case, one family – can change the world.

Co-founders thoughts

As the cloud software industry evolves and grows at a rapid pace, there is always going to be the need for someone to tell the real stories.

Our Vision is that whichaddon is a place to find real information about solutions that can truly solve problems in business owners lives.

I am passionate about helping business owners get more time to do what they love with people that they love. Through my Xero training, business coaching and implementing business software all over world, I have seen there is a still a gap where someone needs to connect the dots. Connect the software solutions with the business owners. Create an environment where you can get the answers you need without wasting time. A place to get the real stories and learn what works in real life.

But I can’t do it on my own. Marlon Wambeek is my business partner and better half bringing years of experience as a management accountant in big business and a successful marketing consultant. Together we understand the accounting industry, the cloud and what small business owners need.

WhichAddon.com is the first directory of it’s kind. Designed to educate and inform, not just sell. We are so excited to be creating something of true value that we know will transform the cloud industry and connect the right solutions to those who need them.

Jeri Murphy

Jeri Murphy

Co-Founder of WhichAddOn.com