3.30am Sunday morning just gone, I dragged myself out of bed and jumped into the Wildtrack off to the airport. Whilst the kids were still sleeping, I got onto a plane to Melbourne ready to do something that was a huge dream of mine. I posted a picture up on Facebook and LinkedIn as I was on the side of the stage that afternoon about to speak. A dear friend and mentor from my days as a trainer and Solutions Architect at Unleashed inventory software reminded me: “I remember about 3yrs ago you telling me that one of your dreams was to stand on stage and do public speaking!!! Whoop, whoop seems to me you made it happen!”

And there it was, a dream come true.

At the beginning of this year, when I decided to rebrand myself as Australia’s Amazon Woman, I was nervous at what that would mean to the WhichAddOn brand. But as time has gone on through this journey of becoming Australia’s Amazon Woman, it’s become clear that speaking and educating about Amazon is just a channel to share the magic of the cloud tools available to small and medium businesses all over the world that essentially changes their lives. I always say, “Life is Better in the Cloud.” And it is! If you haven’t experienced the beauty of having your business in the cloud and the time it can give you back, to do more of what you love, then you need to start dreaming today.

So as an advisor, what has Amazon got to do with you? If you have product selling clients, Amazon is coming (not long now!) and Amazon is going to affect their business. They might see it as a threat or an opportunity, either way, the Amazon Effect is real. As an advisor, you have the opportunity to educate your clients on how to be successful Amazon Sellers using tools like XeroA2X and OFX that help them to be in the 3% of small businesses to survive their first year of business.

I could spend hours writing articles this week on what I shared on Sunday in my session, Money Management for Amazon Sellers. Instead, I decided that I will share it with you in a webinar next week. Now, this session won’t be recorded, so make sure you get on live at 12.30pm next Wednesday. Bring your lunch; in this fast-paced webinar to give you the nuts and bolts you need to confidently talk to your clients about their money management tools when selling on Amazon.

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More exciting news about other exciting opportunities that we have in the pipeline on television here in Australia and overseas. I can’t wait to share with you next week.