The Best Solutions
For a Smarter Company

We help product-selling businesses reach their maximum potential
while saving time, money & energy with cloud software solutions.

The Best Solutions
For a Smarter Company

We help product-selling businesses reach their maximum potential
while saving time, money & energy with cloud software solutions.

The Best Solutions
For a Smarter Company

We help product-selling businesses reach their maximum potential
while saving time, money & energy with cloud software solutions.

Why should you choose
cloud-based software solutions?

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Cloud software solutions and having them all connected to each other is the best and most advanced way to run things in business of any industry or field while saving time, money and energy. We help you find the best cloud applications to manage different parts of your business based on your own workflows, how you want and need it to be. We pride ourselves by helping you execute a business system consisting of advanced cloud software and addons which work together to deliver more power, insights and ensure maximum profitability than you ever thought was possible.



If a new employee joins your team, just simply add a new user to account management. As demand falls or rises, the available capacity can be adjusted on a low-cost basis.

New features are constantly being added based on customer suggestions to better suit their needs. It also keeps on striving to work with other software applications. These integrations help businesses to handle everything all in one place.



By being able to accurately monitor and forecast stock levels in real-time, a business may be able to reduce the amount of safety stock held and in turn reduce the associated maintenance, storage and insurance costs that come with keeping excess inventory.

Many tedious tasks can be automated, ie entering online orders; picking, packing and shipping, B2B order portals, EDI interfaces, etc. These alone can save 100’s if not 1000’s of hours in data entry annually.


Make The
Best Decisions

Priceless insights from cloud integration systems get all areas of your business communicating in real-time, about anything and everything leading you to make informed and better decisions.

You can also decide which users have what level of access to which data you want offering you control & security as well as to avoid confusion and to increase productivity of your staff by being able to show them only the information that they need.

Learn About Our Services

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We help migrate you from your old systems to a new cloud-based systems.

Custom API Integration

Connecting two or more different cloud software solutions, so that data can be shared autonomously.

Types of Training

We provide onsite, online and training portal to cover all your requirements.

Review and Repair

We provide an audit/reconciliation of your system and help repair the system for you.

Customized Workflow Manuals

Developing custom workflow based on what you do every day for cloud-based systems.

Research the Correct Solution

We research what the best solution is for you, and we build a demonstration to prove it.

Dashboards - WAOConnect

Provide data to cater for daily, weekly and monthly decision making.

Who are we & what do we do?

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What sets us apart from the rest is that we are a team of accountants and IT professionals that specialise in cloud inventory, cloud solutions and e-commerce all-in-one. Being the ultimate experts in the world of business and cloud solutions, rest assured that with us, you are in the safest hands of the professionals who will give you nothing less than the best solutions that your business deserves.

Which industries do we provide solutions?

We work with any product selling businesses.

 Wholesale & Distribution special    Manufacturing 

 Retail/Point of Sale    Importers & Exporters    Resellers 


Why You Should Choose Us?

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Experts in our Field

We are a team of fully qualified accountants and cloud solution experts all-in-one. Being the professional in the best of both worlds, you are in the hands of the expert who truly understands everything about solutions, business, and what is needed to unlock your businesses maximum potential.


Client-Based Approach

Your success is our success so we pride ourselves in building a world-class solution for you based on your business processes. Solutions that are carefully crafted on how you want and need it to be. We talk, listen, discover, investigate and research carefully to find the right cloud software solution for you and your business.


Best Cloud Software Solution Partners

To ensure we only give you the best solutions possible, we have partnered with the best cloud software solutions from all around the globe. This allows us to find the best possible solution that suits your business.

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Here are the list of Software Solutions that WhichAddon partners with:

See Why a Couple of Big Businesses Trust Us

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